Fruit Gardening Advice

Fruit Gardening Advice by phone.

Cost $40 per hour.

The Raintree website and catalog provides a lot of  FREE information you need to succeed. If you have a specific question you can email Raintree at or you can call Raintree at 800 391 8892. Our horticulturist is on duty each Wednesday 10 to 4 to help you.

However many people benefit from more individual help.   (If you live in the Pacific Northwest and want an edible landscaper to visit you; go to our blog and click on Landscape Designers. Raintree works with great designers who work at your site.)

Following are ways conferring with Katy by the hour, can help you:
1. She becomes your personal shopper helping you determine which plants are best for your area and your needs.
2.  While you can often get a specific question answered  by calling or emailing Raintree, this service provides the in depth help that some of you need and want. She only has time for these lengthy consultations in the summer and fall months.

3. Particularly if you are a beginner, she can help you plan your edible landscape and help you with what to grow and not to grow in your area. After talking with you she can draw and email you a working landscape plan.

4. She can help with a wide range of other fruit growing issues.

Sign up by the hour. When you order through the Raintree shopping cart you will put  your email and phone and Raintree horticulturist Katy Fraser will call or email you to set up a time to talk that works for you.  "You are investing considerable  time, money and energy in your edible landscape, so it is important to get it right the first time," says Katy. She points out that you are investing in a process not just a product. Katy can concisely help you to succeed.

  • Fruit Gardening Advice
  • Fruit Gardening Advice

  • Catalog Number: 9HORT
  • Our price: $40.00

SHIPPING OPTIONS: Our bare root shipping season is over. In all states, however, you may order potted plants now for shipment this fall. Fruit-growing supplies and books are available for shipment in all states.

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