Find our six-variety apple espalier here!

"Espalier" refers to special practices for training trees onto trellises. There are many ways to make your trees into works of art, and the trees we offer have already been trained along the same plane in a 3-tier, T-shape, horizontal cordon.

As you continue the training, you can shape trees into any of the designs seen in the drawings. They are beautiful when grown against a wall, a building or on an existing fence or wires.

Trees should be spaced an average of 8-10’ apart. Branches are at about 1-1/2, 2-1/2 and 3-1/2 feet. (The trees will be shipped in special protective boxes.) Apples are on EMLA 26 rootstock. The THREE TIERED espalier combos have a different variety on each tier.

Note: Shipped espalier branches must each be cut back to 10 inches. Come to the nursery and get full length branches.