Easy Steps to Fruit Tree Pruning DVD

Easy Steps to Fruit Tree Pruning DVD

By Jacky King and Gary Moulton, 50 minute DVD. To learn how to prune, you need to see it done...and then see it again. Gary Moulton from the Washington State University Research and Experiment Unit at Mt.Vernon shows you how. He starts with how to use the right tools properly. He demonstrates how to prune the tree from the day you get it from Raintree. Learn how to prune and shape it for maximum fruit production. Learn how to bring old trees back into production and how to work with espaliers. Gary covers both central leader and open center systems and explains the differences in pruning different types of fruit trees. He explains basic principles and then repeatedly reviews those principles so you can use them, without confusion, on your own trees. Fruit tree pruning will no longer be a mystery.

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