Dwarf and Semi-Dwarf Apples

Raintree Nursery specializes in offering superior, disease resistant apples for the backyard grower. We select varieties from around the world for their exceptional flavor and ease of growing, each with unique qualities to recommend it. Gardeners can have apples off their trees from August through November, and they can enjoy the harvest until March or April, since many apple varieties keep for long periods without refrigeration.

Ever since early American settlers took their favorite varieties of apples to their new homesteads, apples have been important in family meals. The harvest from apple trees provides fresh and hard cider, classic American apple pies, stores of sauces, butters and other delicacies.

Even if varieties are not scab resistant, many are still acceptable for the organic grower who doesn’t demand picture perfect fruit for cider or other uses. Also, even though some great selections might require more care, the result is worth the effort. We offer sturdy, well-rooted, 4-6' grafted trees on the best dwarfing root stocks.

Depending on variety, apples grown on EMLA 26 or M26 dwarf roostock can be easily maintained at 9-13 feet tall. Apples grown on EMLA 7 or M7 and MM106 Semi-dwarf rootstock can be easily maintained at 12-16 feet all.

Raintree Nursery Apple Growing Guide


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