All our varieties are scab resistant and easy to grow!

A beautiful multi-purpose tree. Lovely in the landscape, many of our varieties provide tasty tart apples that are prized for making jelly. Dolgo, WSU AxP and Evereste will enhance cider with their bittersharp quality.

Commercial orchardists often use crabapple trees for pollenizers because of their compact size and their profuse blossoming. Researchers have found that white flowered varieties are most attractive to bees.

Dolgo is used as a great early season pollenizer and Evereste is an excellent mid season pollenizer for other apple trees.

Centennial is a natural dwarf and it has sweet fruit. What makes an apple a crab in not its personality but its smaller size fruit.

The cultivars Prarie Fire, Golden Raindrops and Pink Cloud are beautiful disease resistant ornamentals.