Combo Fruit Trees

It's great fun to grow a tree with several varieties.

Astound your friends with a tree that has different color fruit on the same tree. With one tree you can have varieties that ripen throughout the season. With apples, you can enjoy fruit from August through October.

Useful Facts

Pollination: Each is Self fertile.
Sun or shade:  Full sun.
Plant spacing:  Each grows to or can be maintained at about 15' tall and requires that spacing.
Harvest time:  Check Varieties.
Bearing age:  3-4 years.

How to Grow

Soil requirements:  Well drained soil.
Cultural requirements: It is important to know that it takes more time and more knowledge to successfully grow a "combo" tree.  The label will tell you, from the bottom up, which varieties you have. Each variety should be maintained as a strong leader in an open center training system. Train each branch to grow outward in a different direction. Branch spreaders inserted the first year will help you do this. (See supply section.) European Pears and Cherries have very upright growth habits and will need spreaders but all combo trees will benefit from using branch spreaders. Remove side branches that are headed inward towards the middle of the tree. Since every variety has a different growth habit and some are more vigorous growers, it is important to even out the growth of the main branches.
The angle of the branch determines its vigor. If a branch is not vigorous enough tie it to grow more upright. Carefully pull and tie down too vigorous branches to decrease their vigor. Remember each branch is grafted on, and can be broken off if pulled too hard during the first couple of years.