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Colossal Gooseberry 3+: $11.50;10+: $10 [SPRING]

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3-9 Items $11.50
10+ Items $10.00

Colossal Gooseberry 3+: $11.50;10+: $10 [SPRING]

Prohibited to (DE,ME,NC,NH&WV)& MA

(3+: $11.50; 10+: $10.00/each) The egg shaped fruit up to 1 and one half inches in diameter with translucent green skin. The flesh is sweet and mild. It ripens in mid July and is a reliable bearer. Originated in Mankato Minn. by Frank Schwab and introduced in 1974, it is very vigorous and hardy.

Price: $14.50

Catalog NumberE620
Required Zones 3-8