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Chilean guava-One Qt Pot [SPRING]

Chilean guava-One Qt Pot [SPRING]

Myrtus ugni molinae

The attractive Chilean Guava bears red, one inch oval fruit with a tart flavor and aroma reminiscent of strawberries. The self-fertile bush loves warm climates and can grow to 15-feet, but will stay smaller, 6-to-8-feet, in cooler climates. Trim the bush to a size you like and consider planting several to make an unusual hedge.

Chilean Guavas, favored long ago by Queen Victoria, can even thrive outdoors in southwest England. Plant in well-drained soil in a sunny location or grow as a greenhouse plant. Leaves are a tea substitute.

Price: $24.50

Catalog NumberJ370
Required Zones 8 - 10
Detailed How-To-Grow Chilean Guava

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