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Chandler blueberry 3+: $15.00 each [SPRING]

Chandler blueberry 3+: $15.00 each [SPRING]

3+: $15.00/EACH

Introducing the world's largest Blueberry. Raintree is one of the first companies in the Western U.S. offering this amazing new release. It has the longest ripening season of any blueberry, providing more than a month of sweet, firm delicious fruit. These vigorous, upright bushes grow 5-7 feet tall and provide consistently high yields. USDA Zones 4-8. A high chill variety from the New Jersey testing program, and a long awaited treat.



Price: $19.50

Catalog NumberE209
Required Zones 4 - 8
Detailed How-To-Grow Blueberries

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3+ Items $15.00