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Cascade Trailing blkbrry-4 Inch Pot [SPRING]

Cascade Trailing blkbrry-4 Inch Pot [SPRING]

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(Rubus ursinus) Every summer from Alaska to Northern California, fruit lovers in the know pick and trip over the sweet, especially tasty, native trailing blackberries. We offer a selection found in the wild that is among the biggest and sweetest ever found, although still small. Grow them on a trellis, so they won't be underfoot and so you can pick lots of fruit which is otherwise only available in the wild and fetches a very high price! We offer female plants that need to be pollinized. Unless you have a wild trailing male in the neighborhood, also plant Tayberry, ORUS 1843 or Cascade. USDA Zones 7-9. 4' pots.

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Catalog NumberE520
Required Zones 7 - 9
Detailed How-To-Grow Blackberries

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