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First Order Now for Spring Shipment.....Then Choose 20% free bonus items from our bonus plant list below.

Start by ordering from our catagories listed above:

 (Fruit Trees, Berries, Nut Trees, Roots & Shoots,  Rootstocks, Vines, Unusual Edibles, Ornamentals etc.)

After you've selected the items in your cart, go to red bar at the top of the order page and click on the 20% Free Bonus items. The page you are now on will reappear and at the bottom you can select  your bonus items.

Order and pay now or (any time before December 31st) for SPRING 2015 SHIPMENT and choose 20% of your spring order subtotal in FREE BONUS ITEMS from the selected varieties in this category listed below. 

How to figure out your bonus allotment: After you've chosen your items from the plants that are available this spring, select up to 20% of your order subtotal in free bonus items. For example, if your current cart total for spring shipped items comes to $100 (before shipping and/or tax), then you can choose $20 worth of items from this category! Just click the Buy Now button to add it to your cart at no charge! This program will allow you to add extra bonus items (more than 20%).

Please note: If you accidentally exceed your allocated 20%, we'll only be able to give you the items you chose first. Note: Your Cart Total is located in the Your Cart box on the right side of the website. If for any reason your bonus plants, don't show up on your order form, we will contact you to make sure you will get them.

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