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(Rubus arcticus x stellarcticus) Rarely seen in the U.S., these super hardy groundcover raspberries were developed in Sweden. Thick raspberry foliage grows only one foot tall each spring and dies completely back to the ground each winter. Therefore, the potted plants which we offer may be without top foliage if purchased in winter. The pink fragrant flowers and juicy, delicious bright aromatic red berries add to its landscape attraction. The fruit ripens over about six weeks starting in July and looks ripe before it is ready to pick! Wait until it separates easily from the plant to harvest. The plants are a hybrid of Alaskan and Swedish arctic raspberries. They need a well drained soil, full sun and a cold winter. Plant at 1'-2' spacing and weed and water well to get the plants established. They will take 3 years to start fruiting. USDA Zones 2-7. Select two cultivars for pollination.

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