Bees and Bee Supplies


You have invested time, money, and love in your fruit trees and berries. Now help them do their best for you! We offer two types of Mason Bees (Osmia lignaria) they are the Blue Orchard bee which fly early in the season and work well on home orchards and the Green Berry bee (Osmia aglaia) which flies later in the spring.  It is ideal for late variety fruit tree pollination and berry pollination.  Both types are safe, easy-to-use native pollinators that you can manage. Mason bees don’t produce honey and they don’t sting but they are superior pollinators for any orchard, flying in cool spring weather that would ground a honey bee. The bees nest in small holes and lay eggs that hatch out to pollinate your trees the next spring. They do this year after year! Get started with a powerful permanent pollination force that can become the equivalent of a whole hive of honey bees. You don’t have to be a beekeeper to get the best fruit you’ve ever seen. Just let the Mason bees do the job! You will be doing your part too.


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