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Belgian Fence

Grow a Beautiful Diamond Shaped Fruiting Wall.

We offer  apple trees on EMLA 26 rootstock that are already shaped in a Y. Each tree has two branches. Each branch comes off at an angle only about eight inches above the roots. To make a Belgian fence, allow the branches to continue to grow at about 45 degree angles until they reach the desired height. If you plant the trees about 3 feet apart they will grow up into a beautiful diamond shape. Instructions are included with the trees.

Here is an easy way to get started: Build a fence with wires starting at about 18 inches high and going up one foot apart until you get to between six and eight feet tall. Then get bamboo or other stakes and tie them diagonally to the wires. The stakes will make a diamond pattern and show you where to tie your branches as you build your Belgian Fence. Where the stakes cross at the bottom will show you where to plant each tree.

We offer one year old  Belgian fence starts.

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