Large Specimen Ornamentals


These ornmental trees are too large too ship. We only have a few of each of these large beautiful specimens, so we cannot guarantee which cultivars are available at any given time. Below is a list of what we had when we did our last inventory on May 18th 2017.*  Come for our sale during the month of May.  See below for our beautiful large ornamentals that are on sale for half price.

Come to the nursery, or call us at 1-800-391-8892 to see what is currently available. Bring a larger car, or pickup to bring them home. If you have an open pickup, please bring a tarp.

Sorry, but these trees cannot be ordered ahead. The sooner you come to the nursery, the better the selection!




  • Vine- Was $75.00 Now $37.50



  • Nuda
  • Nigra
  • Japonica
  • Vivax



  • Elegant Dogwood- Was $80.00 Now $40.00
  • Yellow Fruited-Was $80.00 Now $40.00
  • Pioneer-Was $80.00 Now $40.00


Flowering Shrubs & Other Shrubs

  • Suffruticosa- Was $80.00 Now $40.00
  • Weeping Pussywillow-Was $100.00 Now $50.00
  • Windmill Palm
  • Cornus alternifolia Argentea-Was $80.00 Now $40.00
  • French Pussywillow- was 29.95 Now $15.00
  • Pee Gee Hydrangea -Was $29.95 Now $15.00


Fruiting Shrubs

  • NC 1 Paw-Was $100.00 Now $50
  • Sunflower Paw Paw-Was $100.00 Now $50.00


Displaying Weeping Pussywillow.JPG