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Large Specimen Ornamentals


These ornmental trees are too large too ship. We only have a few of each of these large beautiful specimens, so we cannot guarantee which cultivars are available at any given time. Below is a list of what we had when we did our last inventory on March 9th 2017.*

Come to the nursery, or call us at 1-800-391-8892 to see what is currently available. Bring a larger car, or pickup to bring them home. If you have an open pickup, please bring a tarp.

Sorry, but these trees cannot be ordered ahead. The sooner you come to the nursery, the better the selection!




  • Vine
  • Yazemine
  • Mocha Rose Big Leaf
  • Puget Pink



  • Nuda
  • Nigra
  • Japonica
  • Vivax



  • WolfEye Dogwood
  • Elegant Dogwood
  • Yellow Fruited
  • Pioneer
  • Big Apple Kousa


Flowering Shrubs & Other Shrubs

  • Monkey Puzzle Tree
  • Tibetan Tree Peony
  • Delavayi
  • Suffruticosa
  • Big Apple Kousa
  • Weeping Pussywillow
  • Black Lace Elderberry
  • Windmill Palm
  • Cornus alternifolia Argentea


Fruiting Shrubs

  • NC 1 Paw
  • Sunflower Paw Paw
  • Brown Turkey Fig
  • Lattarula Fig
  • Nordland Fig
  • Illinois Everbearing Mulberry
  • Weeping Mulberry
  • Oscar Mulberry