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Some plants in our print catalog are sold out for the season and therefore won't show up on search or in category listings on this website. If you want to reserve plants for next year, please call us at 1-800-391-8892.

Large Bearing Blueberries

Come to the Raintree Garden Center and pick out beautiful large, well-shaped bearing blueberry bushes for your Instant Blueberry patch. These well-branched bushes are 3 to 5 feet tall.

They are too big and heavy to ship. Several will fit in an SUV. 

Sorry, but these bushes cannot be ordered ahead (you can call us for availability though). The sooner you come to the nursery, the better the selection! We have several varieties in these large bearing bushes.* Instead of waiting several years for a big crop, start enjoying your crops this summer!

Current Large  Blueberry Varieties For Sale:

Large bearing Blueberry plants $30 3+: $25 each!!

  • Bluecrop

  • Hardiblue

  • Jersey

  • Olympia

  • Sierra

  • Rubel

  • Northland

We also have Large bearing Red Pearl Lingonberry plants!!


Last Inventory: April 27th 2016.