Neo AroniaAronia melanocarpa

USDA Zones 3-9

The handsome, disease resistant bushes have dark green, oval foliage and grow about 5'-6' tall with an equal spread. Charming white spring flowers develop into clusters of glossy, round, violet-black berries with a strong, tart flavor that comes from high flavonoid/anti-oxidant content. Fruit is naturally high in vital vitamins and minerals, and in fall, the foliage changes to striking red.

Although Aronia is native to the eastern U.S, the best varieties were bred in Europe. Plants are self-fertile and can be spaced 4-6' apart, or 3' for a hedge. It’s not an "aronia’s conclusion" that this, Goumi and Sea Buckthorn are the most productive fruiting bushes available.


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GENUS SPECIES: Aronia melanocarpa                                                           
HEIGHT: Manage at 4-6'                                                           
SPACE: 3'-6'                                                           
POLLINATION: Self-fertile                                                    
RIPENS: Aug.                                                          
SITE: Full sun; well-drained soil