Check out our huge selection of apples!

Useful Facts

When to harvest: Consult catalog ripening order. Sample fruit; cut in half to check if seeds are brown.
Hardiness: Zones 4-9, or as noted.
Sun or shade: Full sun.
Life expectancy: 60-140 years.
Years to first fruit: 2-3 yrs.
For the beginner: Choose disease resistant varieties.
Yield: Dwarfs 30-60 pounds a season!

How to Grow

Soil requirements: A well drained soil in an area with good air drainage. Likes a slightly acidic soil.
Cultural requirements: The mini-dwarf fruit trees should be staked. Balanced fertilizer, compost or manure can be used in the spring for the first years.
Pruning: See "Tree Owners Manual" that comes with each order or pruning books and videos on website.

How To Use

In the kitchen: Fresh eating, cooking, pie making or for blending in cider. Also enjoy baked apples, dried apples, apple jelly and applesauce. We offer some of the best cider and cooking apples. Look for them!
In the landscape: Apple trees come in all sizes, depending on the variety and the rootstock they are grafted upon. On dwarf rootstock, they are wonderful grown on a trellis or in one of a number of fan, cordon or espalier patterns. Crabapple trees provide an attractive shape and color. Trees on very dwarfing EMLA 27, or the columnar trees, produce fruit in a pot on the patio!

For Your Health: Many of the apples we offer have tested among the highest in polyphenols. An unpeeled apple can give you 50% more phyto nutrients than one that is peeled. Among our old time varieties Belle de Boskoop, Bramley Seedling and the Golden Russet and the newer Liberty have topped the charts for phyto nutrients. Liberty is among the highest cultivars in antioxidants.