American Chestnut seedling 3+:$12.50 [SPRING]

American Chestnut seedling 3+:$12.50 [SPRING]

Prohibited to AZ.

3 or more $12.50/Each

(Castanea dentata) While most chestnut trees found in the Northwest are of European origin, there are some American chestnuts as well and these represent the largest specimens left of this species in the nation. The American chestnut was virtually obliterated back East in its native range by the chestnut blight. These seedlings were grown from pure stands in Washington known to be blight free. The nuts are small, early ripening, light brown and very sweet. They have a fine flavor and peel quite easily. These make majestic timber trees, the largest of all chestnuts. They are not blight resistant. We offer 1-2 foot seedlings.

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Catalog NumberK350
Required Zones 3 - 8
Detailed How-To-Grow Chestnuts

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