Akebia Vines

Look through our wonderful selection of vines. The Cinnamon Vine, Stautonia, Tasmania, Porcelain Berry, Holboellia and Akebia have edible fruit. The Jasmines and Honeysuckle are incredibly fragrant. The Magnolia Vines are beautiful, lemon scented and used medicinally. There are many places in your yard to put a beautiful vine. Look at our supply section for materials needed to build supports and trellises.

About Akebia

A beautiful, fast growing vine that thrives with little care. You will love the weird looking fruit. It is a beautiful evergreen in the Pacific Northwest and warmer areas and deciduous in colder climates. Given something to climb on, the twining vine can grow 20 feet a year. It may be pruned severely each year if you with to control its rapid growth. Or it can run along the ground, and it will root where it touches the ground and become an attractive ground cover. 
The abundant May flowers are very fragrant and are either a vibrant purple or a pure white depending on the variety. The vine occasionally produces bizarre looking five inch long pink or blue skinned fruit. Inside is a tasty roll of white seedy pulp that makes a tropical tasting clear jelly or flavorful drink. 
To get pollination and fruit, plant two of the varieties. Native to Northern Japan, the durable vines are prized the basket making and admired for the intricate silhouetted patterns the foliage casts on walls. The soft shoot s are used in salads or for salt pickling.
USDA Zones 4-10. One gallon pot size.