In a few places, and under the proper conditions, in USDA Zones 9-11, Avocados can be grown outdoors. Anyone else will need to grow them in a pot. Except in the climates where they thrive, it's not easy to fruit Avocados.

Growing Avocado trees outdoors

Avocado trees require a humid climate. Although we are offering the hardier varieties, they will only grow outdoors in California from the latitude of the Bay area south or in Florida and the southern part of the Southern states. If you live in a humid area that has only occasional temperatures below freezing, consider growing the hardy cultivars outdoors. Avocados can eventually grow to more than 40 foot tall outdoors, so choose a dwarf if space is a problem. They take about seven years to come into production.

Growing Avocados in Pots

Raintree is offering avocado varieties that have shown the most success in pot culture. Your tree needs high humidity to grow. If the roots dry out the tree will defoliate, so grow it in a greenhouse or area with high humidity. Temperatures below 50 F will also cause defoliation. All the varieties are on seedling rootstock. Each variety, even the dwarfs, are very rapid growers and the dwarf varieties aren't going to be much smaller or more successful than the others when grown in pots. Avocado plants don't do well if root pruned or severely top pruned so the way to grow them is to start by putting the plant we send you into a 15 gallon pot. Every two years move it to a bigger pot; 20 gallon, 25 gallon etc. Being somewhat pot bound can bring the tree into production in three or four years. After six or eight years it will be too big for most growers. If you don't live where you can transplant it outdoors, you will need to start again with a small plant. We offer beautiful grafted plants in 5" x 12" deep pots. Since they are shipped separate from other items please place them on a separate order.

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