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4 inch nail spreaders (Bdl 25)

4 inch nail spreaders (Bdl 25)

Commercial orchardists routinely spread the limbs of fruit trees to maximize their strength and productivity. Now you can do the same. We suggest you purchase several sizes to use on the various size branches. We also offer notched spreaders #T640. While these have the advantage of not poking a hole in the branch, they tend to fall out in a heavy wind. We also offer spreaders with metal points that are used by commercial orchardists. These have not caused disease problems, though we try to apply them on a dry day. Because of sap bleeding the nails cause in cherry and peach trees, you may want to use the notched spreaders for those types of trees. (Both size of spreaders we offer come in bundles of 25 only.) After a few months the branches will have adjusted and the spreaders can be removed and reused.

Price: $13.50

Catalog NumberT610

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