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3x1 Low Chill Apl(Anna/Fuji/DG-G)/M111 [SPRING]

3x1 Low Chill Apl(Anna/Fuji/DG-G)/M111 [SPRING]

Varieties are (Anna/Fuji/Dorset Golden and Gordon)

3x1 LOW CHILL COMBO APPLE In Southern California, Arizona, Hawaii, Florida and other warm winter areas where winters provide little chill, (100 to 200 hours is sufficient) this combination grafted apple on M111 rootstock will produce sweet, crisp apples. You will receive a tree with 3 of the following 4 cultivars: Gordon, Fuji, Anna and Dorset Golden. Anna is a red blushed apple from Israel, good fresh or cooked, early in the season. Dorsett Golden, from the Bahamas ripens in mid season. It is much like Golden Delicious, firm and flavorful. Gordon is a flavorful red apple good for cooking or fresh eating that ripens later in the season. This very productive tree will grow to about 15-20’, but can be kept shorter with pruning. Self-fertile. Blooms early season. On EMLA 111 rootstock.

You will receive 3 different low chill varieities on one tree. Each branch will be labeled.

Tree will grow to about 15', but can be kept much shorter with pruning. 4-5' tree.

Price: $48.50

Catalog NumberA803LC
Required Zones 4 - 9
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